Taking steps towards positive change.

Welcome to Peachey Counselling 

Thank you for visiting Peachey Counselling. Most people stop by because they're thinking about changing something...how they think, how they feel, where they are going and how their past has affected them. A therapist's role is to assist you in being the best version of yourself that you can be and it is you who defines what that means. 

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can help with many struggles. The time is for you and only you to become your best self. Think about your goals and we can work on them together!

Couples Counselling

Relationship stress or breakdown is difficult, stressful and all consuming. If you and your partner truly want to improve your relationship, it's possible! 

Family Counselling

A family is a team and teams generally need a game plan to be successful. If your family is struggling, in any capacity, come in and let's talk!